Gambar Peta Kota Cirebon

Cirebon City-limits is an absolute city's 2nd better in the arena of West Java, afterwards the basic of West Java, namely Bandung. The city-limits is amid on the bank of Java Sea, the bank band (north coast). Band bank of Jakarta-Cirebon-Semarang is the densest point in Indonesia. Cirebon is aswell the 4th better city-limits in the bank arena afterwards Jakarta, Surabaya, and Semarang.

Due to its cardinal location, namely at the circle amid Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang, Cirebon City-limits makes a actual acceptable and abeyant to be a acreage of investment in all sectors such as hotels, restaurants, arcade centers, and education, so the boondocks of Cirebon is an accomplished best adapted to invest. Supported by acceptable bread-and-butter action and accomplish the city-limits of Cirebon developing chip into the three city-limits cities in Jawa Barat afterwards the city-limits BoDeBek (Bogor, Depok, Bekasi), which is the hinterland / absorber for the basic city-limits of Jakarta and Bandung City-limits Area.

Cirebon city-limits is the centermost of business, industry and casework in the arena of West Java and the arctic eastern part. Lots of acceptable small-scale industries, medium, and ample investment in this city. With the abutment of abounding humans who work, activities and abstraction in the city-limits of Cirebon, about beneath than 1,000,000 people, authoritative it added active boondocks of Cirebon. Development in the City-limits of Cirebon is aswell continued and appearance a absolute response, this is apparent by the abounding ample barrio and top in the basic streets of the City-limits of Cirebon.

Today, the face of Cirebon city-limits has been adapted into a avant-garde city-limits of absolute 3rd in the western allotment of Java island afterwards Jakarta and its digital cities (Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi), Bandung and its digital cities (Tasikmalaya, Cimahi, Subang, Purwakarta, Cianjur and Garut). Now, the government is agilely Cirebon region-jealous advance the abeyant of Cirebon City-limits City-limits breadth with its digital cities (Indramayu, Majalengka, Brass, and the western allotment of Axial Java, namely Tegal, Bradford, Purwokerto, and Pekalongan). Previously, the basic of the Sultanate of Cirebon Cirebon Cirebon Regency, but the basic city-limits of Cirebon has now confused to the Source.
Gambar Peta Kota Cirebon

Gambar Peta wilayah Kabupaten Cirebon

Gambar Peta Lokasi Kota Cirebon

Malls and shopping centers in Cirebon City

1. Cirebon Super Block (CSB)

Superblock aboriginal and better in the axial city-limits of Cirebon in an breadth of 6.2 hectares. These mega-projects abide of:

A. Boutique Houses / appointment with Thematic Concepts in Breadth CSB

Exclusive bartering and adorable avant-garde architectonics both exoteric and autogenous that gives the feel affected in every type-type. With a absolute of 173 units, consisting of: bartering Green Berry, Green Ville shop, boutique Gold Sunset, Orange Blossom shop, boutique Chelsea Blue, Yellow Ribbon shop, boutique Gerry Red, and Coral Bay shop.

B. Grand Jatra Auberge Cirebon

"An atmosphere EXQUISITE Embrace you with all Indulgence cans it offers". With the abstraction of 4 floors aloft the capital building, Grand Jatra Hotel.'s Exclusive best auberge with all-embracing accepted allowance has complete accessories such as swimingpool, exercise gym & spa, allowance versatile, affair rooms, all-embracing restaurant and antechamber lounge bar congenital and advised to baby guests who put superior and best service, accompanying with absolute admission to arcade malls that can facilitate the guests to shop.

C. Appointment Park

A grandeaur Appointment Park battleground with an all-embracing theme. That is an Appointment Park 5 floors with a different design, which is aggressive by assorted elements of the awe-inspiring barrio in the world, such as the admixture of art appearance architectonics of Italy, Greece, until the American-style barrio and the Middle East. By overlooking the basic artery boondocks of Cirebon, namely alley Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo. The architectonics is actual adorable and angle out a allotment of added barrio in the city-limits of Cirebon. Appointment Park is aswell able with acknowledging accessories of all-embracing standard.

D. Tents CSB

Places adolescent humans adhere out Cirebon City-limits and surrounding areas to appear calm and adore a comestible bout with the better amount of tenants in West Java.

E. CSB Mall, Arcade Capital Ancestors aboriginal in Cirebon

CSB Capital has the byword "One Stop Shopping", which board abundance and amusement so to brainstorm a abode breadth it can do all your arcade activity. Supermarkets are complete with all their circadian needs, until the food that board aggregate you wish to baby yourself and chase the trends of today, all accessible at the arcade capital which will board its own blush to the boondocks of Cirebon. With the abstraction of four floors with four-floor parking architectonics accessories that can board 1800 units of four-wheeled vehicles, so that CSB Capital capital admission in the chic of chic A, which is agnate to the Orchid Garden Mall, Kelapa Gading Capital and Capital Senayan in Jakarta. For this capital itself has joined: Anchor Tenant Hypermart is amid in the lower arena floor, Dept.. Sun Abundance blazon A takes 2 floors terletek at arena attic and high arena floor, Studio XXI cinema with the best superior account and complete today. CSB Capital is a affairs and ball centermost in the affection of the City-limits of Cirebon is an important allotment in the axial business commune of Cirebon superblock. Hypermart spacious, ancestors ball centers and bold with the latest technology, shops, restaurants, cafes and complete acknowledging accessories will accomplish the CSB's arch arcade capital as a abode of Cirebon and the surrounding community.

2. Grage Mall

Located in Student Military Alley No. 1 Cirebon. Grage Capital is a ample arcade centermost with avant-garde concepts. simple admission because it is amid in the axial city-limits of Cirebon Cirebon City-limits accomplish it as a landmark. in it there is the Food Court, Timezone, Gramedia, the Sun, Cinema Grage 21 that displays the cine - the latest blur both domestically and abroad.

3. Carrefour

Address at Jl. Cipto Mangunkusumo Raya No. 234 Cirebon City. Arcade centermost amid appropriate next to Cirebon Super block (CSB). Providing a abounding ambit of circadian needs - day Cirebon and adjacent residents. because the breadth was in the axial boondocks of Cirebon, authoritative it as one of the admired arcade destination of Cirebon and adjacent residents.

4. Yogya Capital Siliwangi

Siliwangi Yogya Capital provides a abounding ambit of circadian needs - day Cirebon and adjacent residents. Yogya Capital Siliwangi is the appropriate best for shopping.

5. Yogya Capital Grand Center

Yogya Capital Grand centermost provides a abounding ambit of circadian needs - day Cirebon and adjacent residents. Yogya Capital Grand Centermost is the appropriate best for shopping.

6. Eagles Trade Center

Located in the city-limits of Cirebon Perum. The cardinal breadth makes Eagle Trade Centermost capital as a abode to shop. Providing a abounding ambit of circadian needs - day Cirebon and adjacent association authoritative it the absolute best for shopping.

7. Giant Hypermarket

Located on By-pass alley boondocks of Cirebon. Arcade centers amid about the Stadium breadth of Bima, Cirebon City-limits provides a advanced ambit of circadian needs - day association of Cirebon. Actual cardinal breadth that makes the Giant Hypermarket cirebon become one of the admired arcade destination citizens Cirebon and adjacent residents.

8. Cirebon Capital Broad Centermost (PGC)

Located at the morning bazaar boondocks of Cirebon. Cirebon broad centermost (PGC) is a admired arcade centermost Cirebon to boutique clothes and adaptable electronics. Every day, abnormally on canicule - Saturday and Sunday and the day - the day afore the holidays, awash PGC invaded the lovers of appearance Cirebon and adjacent residents. Its cardinal breadth and bargain amount makes the PGC as a arcade centermost that have to be visited by travelers from alfresco the city.

9. Asian plaza

Asian capital provides a abounding ambit of circadian needs - day Cirebon and adjacent residents. is the appropriate best for shopping.

10. Surya plaza

Surya capital provides a abounding ambit of circadian needs - day Cirebon and surrounding residents. is the appropriate best for shopping.

11. Cirebon Mall

Abdurahman Syarief amid at 159 City-limits of Cirebon. Cirebon Capital has a array of shops - food such as accouterment stores, KFC, Ramayana, Gunung Agung Bookstore, a bookstore that provides a array of books and purposes citizens of Cirebon, and 21 amphitheater that has a array of movies - the latest blur both adopted and country.

12. Ace Accouterments Cirebon

Address at Jl. Syarief Abdurachman No. 36a city-limits of Cirebon. Ace Accouterments Cirebon is a avant-garde accouterments abundance that is present in the city-limits of Cirebon. Board a array of applique needs for the citizens of Cirebon and surrounding areas. Because of its cardinal breadth that is in foreground of Cirebon Capital and quality, makes Ace Accouterments Cirebon become a admired destination and surrounding association like Indramayu Cirebon, Kuningan, Tegal, Pekalongan, Purwokerto, and Majalengka to acquirement a array of tools.

13. Ramayana in Cirebon Mall

Located on the additional floor, Cirebon Mall. Ramayana provides a array of needs such as clothing, accessories, shoes, and others - others. Ramayan become one of the lovers of appearance destination citizens Cirebon.

14. Sun in Grage Mall

Located on floors one and two, Grage mall. Sun provides a complete ambit of appearance needs for the citizens of Cirebon. Sun became one of the lovers of appearance destination citizens Cirebon.

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